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RECYCLED PLASTICS view our dedicated recycled plastic website www.fusionrecycledplastic.com

Environmentally friendly

Versatile and suitable for a wide variety of uses, recycled plastic products from Fusion Marine offer the perfect solution for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications.

We are all familiar with wooden boardwalks, but have you ever considered a cost effective alternative made from recycled plastic? Environmentally friendly, and blending in well with the natural environment, Fusion Marine can supply a wide range of bespoke recycled plastic walkways, fences, bridges, waymarking posts and other similar features - all ideal for agricultural use, parks, nature reserves and other recreational facilities.

The range offered by Fusion Marine is ideal for the marine environment too, including mooring pontoons, jetties and other features.

The versatility is as wide as your imagination and needs.

  • Light & versatile
  • Tough & durable
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Steam cleanable & non absorbent
  • Maintenance free - so no painting
  • Rot proof and non toxic
  • A good DIY material
  • Choice of colour and surface texture
  • Solutions for land based & floating projects

    Tough and Durable

    The sheer durability and long-life of these recycled plastic products makes them much more cost-effective than wooden alternatives - so not only are they tougher and better value, but you are also helping the environment too.

    Available in a range of colours, all products can be manufactured and supplied to meet customer requirements.

    Recycled plastic provides the ideal material for today's demanding leisure industry product requirements. Practical, economic, aesthetic and environmentally sound, Fusion Marine recycled plastic adds up to the winning quality choice.
  • Contact us for more details or to discuss your project requirements on 01631 720 730.

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