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Fusion Marine has developed great expertise in the supply and installation of Polyethylene (PE) piping for hydro-electric schemes and other applications.

PE piping offers several advantages over more traditional steel or GRP pipe. It is flexible and light, enabling the pipe to follow contours without the need for creating socket joins. Such joins are expensive to install and are susceptible to misalignment and 'pop out' from the hammer effect of major surges in water pressure.

The special butt-fusion technique developed for connecting PE pipe sections, creates virtually seamless joins, effectively providing one continuous length of pipe. The continuous nature of the piping takes the worry out of whether the pipe will pass mandatory pressure tests. During the joining process the butt-fusion equipment provides a computerised read-out of each completed joint to ensure that all parameters have been met.

Currently, Fusion Marine can supply and install piping up to 1600mm in diameter, but this will soon be increased to 2000mm.

PE pipe can withstand pressures up to 16 bar and can often be buried into the ground without additional concrete support.

In areas where piping undulates over uneven ground, air valves are a necessity to relieve pressure from air locks. Normally a T-piece needs to be inserted, but in PE piping the valve installation is much easier and less costly.

The versatility and durability of large diameter PE pipe is ideal for use in hydro schemes and other applications such as sewer outfalls. While large diameter PE can be more expensive to buy than steel or GRP piping, the time and other costs saved during installation, makes it much more economical.

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